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The Dovetail Team

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" ~ Aristotle

Dovetail is comprised of gifted individuals who will all bring something different to your project. 

We are a team that is excellent at providing our customers with everything they need.

We have decades of experience + shedloads of knowledge and talent.


Find out how we can help your with you project by getting in touch. 

Tony Young ~ Cabinetmaker

Tony is the most recent addition to the team. He has been a cabinetmaker/Joiner all his working life. He left his job as a joiner~site manager to join Dovetail. 

Emma Bowler ~ Administrator Book keeper

At work Emma, our diligent book keeper has the tidiest desk in the office. At home she always has an artistic project on the go such as sewing, or furniture restoration.

Ian Gray ~ Wood Machinist, Cabinet maker

Ian has been with the business since 2004.  Ian is a gifted wood machinist and cabinet maker who works with great accuracy versatility and speed.

Lindsay Davies ~ Designer, Administrator

Lindsay has been with the team since she left university in 2005 having qualified as an interior designer. She is a highly talented designer and a gifted dog trainer.

Gareth Davies ~ Workshop Manager

Gareth is our workshop manager. He Joined Dovetail straight from School in 1999 as an apprentice cabinetmaker. His stratospheric standards ensure that not much gets past him! Gareth and Lindsay Married in 2011. Yay!

Marc Aldridge ~ Fitter and Cabinet Maker

Marc joined dovetail as our 1st apprentice in1989.  His eye for detail is astounding. He is a perfectionist and his unique talents are well used as he installs most of our cabinetwork.

John Kirby ~ Owner Manager

John founded Dovetail in 1988. He has the messiest desk in the office. A wood-machinist & cabinetmaker he studied at the Institute of Wood Science. A talented cook and paraglider pilot, he is a committed Christian and plays an active role in his local church.

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