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Pippy Oak Kitchen in Haslemere, Surrey

We provided this kitchen for Mr and Mrs C in Haslemere.

It has distinctive book matched Pippy Oak panels, set in solid oak frames with satin steel hinges, set within a beaded framework. The tree that this Oak comes from is often found growing in hedgerows, it is full of knots close to the outer layers of the trunk, which when cut, reveals a decorative ‘cats paw effect’ of knots .

We shaped the curved the corner posts of the cabinets all the way up to the cornices and down to the plinths.   We Turned solid Oak cornice and plinth blocks then cut them into quadrant sections.  This is quite unusual and is intended to add a smooth and traditional grandeur to the look and feel of the kitchen.

To compliment the kitchen cabinetry, the client asked us to design the fireplace at the end of the room in the same way.  We curved the veneer around forms to make two columns and then placed a turned capital on each one.   We commissioned stone masons to make a contrasting, black, stone hearth surround to offset the soft, wood tones of the Pippy Oak.

The centre island, with black granite worktop and overhang shelf for seating, features housings for two sets of dovetailed trays with little finger pull drawers above.   They are intended to add an attractive and homely feature to the end of the island.   Note the sleek and stylish stainless steel handles which were chosen to add a contemporary edge to the traditional and classical look.

The AGA was set within a faux chimney that we formed from MDF.   It was shaped, filled and painted to look like a plastered chimney.   The surrounding angled cabinets were set forward to allow for the depth of a granite storage shelf for oils and cooking utensils etc. at  the back of the AGA .

Note how the black granite worktops run right into the windows.   This adds a subtle, contemporary twist and makes the kitchen look bigger.

Another unusual feature was the way in which we housed the big family, American style stainless steel fridge. We set this into the cabinet work.  In order for the fridge to be flush with the cabinetwork, and to be able to fully open the doors , we needed to leave space either side.  We inserted an Oak trim into the recesses around the fridge which framed it within the cabinetry.

The kitchen floor was laid with a soothing,  smooth French limestone which generated a calming flow throughout this truly delightful kitchen.


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