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Hurricane Katrina Kitchen in Petersfield

A tree that was torn up by Hurricane Katrina was used to create a kitchen for Mr and Mrs P in Petersfield, Hampshire.  They wanted to update their rather old fashioned kitchen and were looking for something completely different.

They approached us for inspirational kitchen ideas and and innovative design concepts.  They were willing to be brave with their new kitchen!

We took them to a veneer supplier in North London to choose material.  The moment we saw this particular log, we all fell in love with it.  We had to overcome a few problems and knock a wall out to make more space.   The footprint of the existing floor had to be altered to fit the level of the new floor.  We were however, able to buy more of the original floor materials and successfully re-lay the floor.

The wall cabinets were designed to go up to ceiling level, to maximise the amount of storage.  Note how our cabinet makers have matched up the grain to follow through from the cupboards to the drawers.

The main material is book matched Red Gum from Florida The inside of the cupboards are in American black walnut.

We incorporated a compost drawer within the food prep zone.  The idea was to have the chopping boards, knives and compost drawer all within the same cabinet.  The drawer can simply be pulled out so that the waste can be shot straight into the stainless steel lined drawer.  The liner lifts out to be emptied.

The handles were designed made specifically for Mr and Mrs P using the same material as the doors.  We will go into how we made these handles in a later posting,  so watch this space!

The clients came along to the stone masons yard where we chose the granite for the worktops.   Note how the hob has been let into the surface so that it is flush!

We love the idea that we were able to use a tree that was brought down by a hurricane and make it into something of beauty, giving this tree a new life and Mr and Mrs P enjoyment for years to come.


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