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Barn Conversion in Somerset

Our clients bought a listed barn in Somerset and have done an amazing job in bringing it to life.   They asked us to come up with something out of the ordinary for their kitchen.  Prior to contacting us, they had been presented with several designs, all of them were “a bit obvious”.  This is what we came up with…..

The concept is based on the idea of being surrounded by the working space.  Whilst working in the kitchen, you face into the the living space; this makes food prep a social event.


The curved blue panels were made using Burr Myrtle veneer that had been stained.


The uprights and side panels are in European Oak.  The inside of the cabinets is in American Black Walnut.


The doors are in quarter-cut European figure Oak,  specifically chosen to be “book- matched”.


The inside faces of the cabinets that are not seen from the living room have been left open to allow for easy access to the cooking implements.   Note the curved drawer fronts!


We really enjoyed making the handles on this project. They were made in our workshop  by vacuum forming layers of oak over a mould that we designed and made specifically for this project.


On the left: a detail shot of the tall larder cabinet.  Note the figured Oak panels to the doors! The baskets are for vegetables.   I will post something separately about this piece in a later entry.

On the right:  We have placed an LED lighting strip in a groove in the underside of the granite overhang.  The effect is very subtle in the daytime, but in the evening it provides a wonderful focal point!

Check out the wine storage tubes in the end of the island.  I bet you can’t guess what they are made off?


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