The Dovetail Team

We are passionate about the work we do

The Dovetail Team brings together the diverse skills and complementary expertise needed to project-manage, design, manufacture and install beautiful and unique kitchens.   We play to our strengths and make up for each other's weaknesses. Motivated to work as a team, Dovetail ensures the standards our clients deserve.

Pete Gosden

Pete Gosden – cabinet maker

Pete joined Dovetail when he left college in the mid-1990s, an accomplished craftsman with an eye for detail. In his spare time, he designs and makes beautiful guitars which you can see at


Ian Gray

Ian Gray – cabinet maker

Ian has been with the business since 2004.  Ian is an experienced wood machinist and cabinet maker who works with great accuracy and versatility.


Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies – workshop and production manager

Gareth has been with Dovetail since he left school. Starting as an apprentice cabinet maker, Gareth has been with us for eleven years. He is an exceptional craftsman and now oversees the workshop.


Marc Aldridge

Marc Aldridge – fitter and wood-machinist

Marc has been with Dovetail almost as long as the firm has been running, joining direct from school in 1989.  Marc is a perfectionist and his unique talents are well used on site to install our cabinetwork.


Lindsay Young

Lindsay Davies (recently married to Gareth) – design assistant and office manager

Lindsay joined Dovetail after graduating from university as an interior designer.  She is the organisational force behind the business.


John Kirby

John Kirby – the boss

John founded Dovetail in 1988. Before that, he trained as a wood-machinist, studied at the Institute of Wood Science, and ran a joinery company for 3 years.  He loves cooking and anything to do with food. A committed Christian, he plays an active role in his local church.